We invest in entrepreneurs who share our vision for better food.

“Partnering with New Crop Capital and Unovis is one of the best strategic choices we have done at Novameat, as it accelerates the development of our advanced plant-based meat manufacturing technologies and our contribution to the growth of the global plant-based food ecosystem”.

- Giuseppe Scionti

Much more than a precious source of capital, Unovis Partners and New Crop Capital are world-class partners whom deliver significant core and value-added resources to their branded investments. True partners, the team at Unovis and New Crop deliver on strategic planning guidance, networking, and highly relevant branding strategy. Unovis and New Crop teams have had a significant and positive impact across Alpha Foods, and our success story would surely not be the same without them!

- Loren Wallis and Cole Orobetz

“In order to create a food system that is truly sustainable for all living beings, human and non-human, entrepreneurs need to align with capital partners who at their very core possess conviction about materializing this future. Miyoko’s is proud to partner with New Crop, the leading investor helping to propel this movement forward”.

- Miyoko Schinner

“New Crop Capital has been a central partner of Aleph Farms since its inception and a value-add investor although the company development. The team expertise, professionalism and network in the alternative protein industry is a key asset we always can rely on. We’ve been excited to work with New Crop and feel lucky to be part of their portfolio.”

- Didier Toubia

“For a young startup with big dreams to make a global change in the way people eat, it is a privilege to work with partners who share the same vision, Who look at us at eye level, understand the challenges that are on the way and help us overcome them and achieve our next milestone. This is the kind of partnership I feel there is today between Zero Egg and Unovis Partners.”

- Liron Nimrodi

“New Crop Capital played a key role I’m getting Good Dot started. They knew India was a huge untapped market and provided me funding to explore if there was an opportunity for plant-based meat in the region. They were our first money in and always available when we needed support. If it weren’t for New Crop, Good Dot would probably not exist.”

- Stephanie Downs

We love the team at New Crop. They had the guts and vision to partner with us earlier than almost any other investor. Over the years, I’ve leaned on them for help with strategy, BD and recruiting and they’ve always stepped up and delivered.

- Alex Lorestani

“I’m incredibly grateful to have investors like Unovis and New Crop Capital. Their team has vast experience and expertise across the plant-based landscape, which has given way to invaluable guidance, insights and support. And being aligned on mission and vision has allowed us to grow our business in a thoughtful and meaningful way. It’s a very special partnership.”

- Kerry Song