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Sending Samples

Plant-based food samples are most welcome but please read our guidelines to ensure your package is accepted. We realize that not all perishable packaging is 100% plastic-free, recyclable or compostable, however, we require best practices wherever possible. For a comprehensive overview on sustainable packaging, check out this EcoResource Center. As green innovations come to market, we will update our protocols. Even though these guidelines pertain to mailing, we recommend that the product packaging itself be eco-friendly as well - good for the planet and good for business. We appreciate your efforts and welcome innovative ideas and DIY plastic-free, Styrofoam-free tips! 

We operate virtually and on different continents. Please reach out via the contact section above to request an address for a specific recipient or region.


Please use recyclable cardboard and reduce package size appropriate to the contents. We encourage reusing boxes.

Sealing Packages

Use paper tape that is 100% recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free. Sample here.

Shipping Labels

If using labels, use 100% recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free. Sample here.

Frozen / Refrigerated

Insulation options such as Temperpack and ClimaCell Cooler are designed to work with a standard corrugated cardboard box. Dry ice is an environmentally safe way to keep contents cold. We cannot accept Styrofoam liners, plastic gel-packs or plastic filler (e.g. air pillows, bubblewrap, etc).